Dr. Zan Li

I am currently employed at Jilin University as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor). My research focuses on mobile computing, wireless communication, and artificial intelligent. Before I joined Jilin University, I worked at Alibaba Group as a senior researcher and responsible for designing algorithms of crowd-sourcing positioning, activity recognition and data mining of user location data for one year. I spent 4 years at University of Bern for my PhD research and successfully accomplished several industry and research projects, which focused on indoor positioning system design. I have published several high-quality publications and won the Fritz-Kutter award (the best PhD thesis in Swiss universities) in 2016. I got my Master degree in Bremen University in Germany and Bachelor degree in Shandong University in China. 


  • October 2019, I am very glad that our project entitled "Crowdsourcing positioning based on multi-sensor fusion in 5G networks" has been approved by Jilin Provincial Department of science and technology.  

  • October 2019, I was invited ​to be a TPC member of IEEE INFOCOM 2020 Workshop on Edge Intelligence for Space-Terrestrial Integrated Networks (EINSTEIN).

  • October 2019,​ I am glad to join the PhD defense of Jose at the University of Bern as a co-referee. 

  • June 2019,  Two theses of my Bachelor students have been proposed by the faculty as candidates for university-level outstanding bachelor thesis. Good luck to them. 

  • June 2019, Our paper entitled "A Comprehensive Study of Smartphone-based Indoor Activity Recognition via XGBoost" has been accepted in IEEE Access.

  • June 2019, Our paper entitled "SoiCP: A Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Crowdsensing Positioning System" has been accepted in a Q1 ranking Journal IEEE Internet of Thing Journal. 

  • May 2019,  Our paper entitled "A Particle Filter-based Reinforcement Learning Approach for Reliable Wireless Indoor Positioning" has been accepted in IEEE journal on selected areas in communications (JSAC), which is one of the most top journals in the area of wireless communication.

  • April 2019, I am very glad to be invited to join a panel discussion in IEEE 5G Auto – the 2nd Workshop on 5G and Cooperative Autonomous (http://autodrive5g.hevs.ch/), which will be organized in conjunction with ICC 2019.

  • April 2019, My CSC funding for the visiting scholar to the National University of Singapore has been accepted. I am very happy to work with Prof. Rui Zhang on the topic of wireless communication. 

  • February 2019, Our paper entitled "Crowdsourcing Indoor Positioning by Light-Weight Automatic Fingerprint Updating via Ensemble Learning" gets accepted in IEEE Access.

  • August 2018, my Natural Science Foundation Project entitled "Crowdsensing Indoor Positioning based on Trace Merging with Multi-landmark and Deep Reinforcement Learning" gets accepted. 

  • July 2018, Our paper entitled "Crowdsensing Indoor Walking Paths with Massive Noisy Crowdsourcing User Traces" gets accepted in IEEE Globecom 2018.

  • January 2018, Our paper entitled "A Narrow-Band Indoor Positioning System by Fusing Time and Received Signal Strength via Ensemble Learning" gets accepted in IEEE Access.

  • January 2018, Our paper entitled "Automatic Construction of Radio Maps by Crowdsourcing PDR Traces for Indoor Positioning" gets accepted in IEEE ICC 2018.

  • December 2017, I am happy to receive the award for the outstanding teaching plan at Jilin University.

  • August 2017, Our paper entitled "Passively Track WiFi Users with an Enhanced Particle Filter using Power-based Ranging" gets accepted in IEEE transactions on wireless communication.

  • June 2017, I start to work at Jilin University as a lecturer (Assistant Professor). 

  • May 2017, I am happy to get a lecturer (Assistant Professor) position at Jilin University via an overseas talent recruitment program.

  • November 2016, I win the best PhD thesis of Computer Science in Swiss University (Fritz-Kutter award) (Only one winner per year). 

  • July 2016, I join Alibaba Group as a senior researcher and am going to work on crowdsourcing positioning.


Jilin University