It was a great time in Alibaba Group with you, guys!

I am glad to receive the Fritz-Kutter Award from the rector of ETH and Mr. Kutter. (November 2016)

It is really cold in Changchun, -20 degree, but Qiao (my wife) dress so warm. 

It was a great time to present our work in IEEE ICC 2018 at Kansas City, US. (May 2018)

Marriage anniversary (July 21, 2018)


Present our work in IEEE Globecom 2018 at Abu Dhabi, UAE. (December 2018)


Join a panel discussion about 5G autonomous driving in ICC 2019 (Shanghai) (May 24, 2019)


Amazing night scene of Shanghai 

2019-10-07 Defense Carrera 12.JPEG

Join the PhD defense of Jose as a co-referee (Bern) (October 05, 2019)